New Wireless “Triple Play” for Baltimore?

February 14, 2011

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If Go Long Wireless has its way, 60%-70% of Baltimore’s residents soon may have another option for video, data and voice service to the home.

The company plans to perform a limited demonstration of its technology from atop the World Trade Center in downtown Baltimore in late March. Based on “line of sight”, the signal would reach roughly 60%-70% of Baltimore residences once all planned transmission points are implemented.

Two pluses of the system are fast deployment and low capital cost. Once business matters are worked out, deployment across the city could be measured in months. And the lower capital investment could translate into attractive consumer pricing.

But data transmission speeds will never match true wired fiber. Although very competitive in today’s terms  — as high as 60 Mbps downstream — the transmission speed will never match 200Mbps, 1Gbps, even 10Gbps that is possible with fiber.

Still, it’s an intriguing option. 4Mbps, 15Mbps, 60Mbps may be all the speed that many Baltimore residents need for a long time. And the system would go a long way toward bridging our digital divide.

I look forward to the demonstration in March!

Are you intrigued? If it comes to town, do you think you might want to subscribe?

Remember, it’s line-of-sight from the transmission point. So this would be another lottery in your life! Just your luck, the roof of your home or apartment might be in the shadow of a church spire or some other obstruction.

Go Long Wireless has prepared highly detailed maps of the city, so a phone call, or maybe an online search — while you hold your breath in anticipation — will let you know whether or not you’re in. Assuming the system gets deployed at all.


Go Long Wireless, Ltd.

Go Long Wireless plans to launch a WIRELESS demonstration site which will feature a “Triple Play” of Video, Data and Voice as a Fiber to the Home alternative

Baltimore, MD – February 10, 2011 – Go Long Wireless, Ltd. is planning to demonstrate a wireless delivery method that is capable of providing over 500 channels of high definition and standard definition video plus broadband data downstream of 60 Mbps as well as VoIP services. This FCC licensed wireless MVDDS (Multichannel Video and Data Distribution Service) spectrum was specifically allocated for distribution of very high capacity broadband (data and video) with the intent of increasing competition in the marketplace and bridging the digital divide by providing relatively high speeds without the extensive infrastructure and capital requirements of wireline systems. MVDDS is the largest capacity wireless system in the United States with a broadcast potential of up to 3.6 Gbps per site.

Go Long Wireless is presenting MVDDS as a low capital intensive operational solution for delivery of “triple play” services (Video, Data, Voice) by highlighting it as a low cost alternative to fiber. A wireless option with increased capability is a very compelling product and Go Long Wireless is focused on attracting operators in areas where a business case for actual FTTH deployment is either too expensive and/or too time consuming. The MVDDS solution may also complement existing FTTH or cable networks by extending their reach to areas that have not yet been cabled, while utilizing the same content source (backbone and video head end).

Go Long Wireless owns and manages 46 MVDDS wireless spectrum licences throughout the United States. Each license covers an entire Nielsen DMA (Designated Market Area). The company’s intent is to demonstrate this wireless delivery system to potential operators around the country that are looking for a very large capacity, high quality and cost effective delivery method for Video, Data and Voice Services.

Go Long Wireless will offer these potential operators a complete turnkey solution, including, but not limited to, leasing rights to the licenses as well as engineering and business solutions.

“With consumer demand for high-speed Broadband at an all time high, we believe now is the right time to bring to market a wireless solution for rural and regional TELCOs, local Cable Companies, Utility Companies, and ISPs (Internet Service Providers) who want to deliver competitive home services at a fraction of the cost of actual wireline fiber” — Bruce Fox, CEO of Go Long Wireless.

For more information on the MVDDS technology, license leasing opportunities and the upcoming demonstration scheduled for March, visit

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