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Tech leader Tom Loveland doesn’t have to shout to get his point across
Baltimore Business Journal – Nov 26, 2010

Putting Their Minds Over the Machines
BmoreMedia – Sep 22, 2009

A Computer Exec’s Effort to Decode Annapolis
The Washington Post – Mar 19, 2008

The Butterfly Effect: Mind Over Machines’ Puzzle Solver
SmartCEO – Jul 2006

Finally, Loveland finds secret to being entrepreneur
The Daily Record / March 20, 2002

Editorials by Tom

Baltimore’s push for Google Fiber is more than just how badly we want it
Baltimore Business Journal – Mar 29, 2010

Computer Tax Will Hurt Maryland
The Washington Post  – Jan 7, 2008

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Fun one

Rushin’ for Fiber, Baltimore Appoints a “Google Czar”
TechCrunch – Mar 13, 2010