Plan B

February 3, 2011

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On March 26, 2010, Dave Troy and I were with the Mayor as she pressed “Send” on Baltimore’s Google Fiber application that we, City staff, and multiple volunteers had worked on so hard over the prior month. [creative presentation|website|City press release]

Two steps out of the Mayor’s office, I had a thought,

“What if Google comes to Baltimore for a site visit?!”

We needed to prepare a site visit plan so we would make the best possible impression. Our work had only just begun!

Immediately, another thought,

“What if Google DOESN’T come???”

For weeks, Google Fiber had dominated the conversation across our entire city, from boardrooms to classrooms to dining rooms. Everyone was discussing ultra high speed fiber and what it could mean for Baltimore and our lives. And we wanted it.

More than that, we recognized that any city that DOESN’T implement high speed fiber will fall behind the rest of the world.

It was simply unthinkable and irresponsible to place Baltimore’s future economic competitiveness solely in the hands of Google’s “lottery”.

Sitting back and hoping Google selects your city is not a strategy.

We needed Plan B.

And so Dave Troy, Sam Zappas, and I began thinking about:

  • Plan A, Part 2 – raising Baltimore’s stature in Google’s eyes
  • Plan B – bringing high speed fiber to Baltimore without Google

Out of this came:

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