If Go Long Wireless has its way, 60%-70% of Baltimore’s residents soon may have another option for video, data and voice service to the home.

The company plans to perform a limited demonstration of its technology from atop the World Trade Center in downtown Baltimore in late March. Based on “line of sight”, the signal would reach roughly 60%-70% of Baltimore residences once all planned transmission points are implemented. [click to continue…]


Baltimore Broadband:
An Update from Baltimore’s Google Czar

February 10, 2011 Baltimore
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One of these days, Google will announce where it plans to deploy Google Fiber. Presumably one or two or three communities will be selected for a major deployment. And some 1,100+ won’t. Before Google’s big announcement, you should know that, win or lose, Baltimore’s broadband future is brighter than most.


Baltimore Broadband: Unsung Heroes

February 7, 2011 Baltimore

Dave Troy and I have been well recognized for our efforts related to Google Fiber and Baltimore Broadband in general. Here are many of the unsung heroes:


Fiber Symposium

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On April 22nd, about a month after Baltimore submitted its response to Google’s Fiber for Communities request for information, Sam Zappas, Dave Troy, P.J. Glennon and I met for an outdoor lunch in Fells Point to discuss next steps.


Plan B

February 3, 2011 Baltimore
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On March 26, 2010, Dave Troy and I were with the Mayor as she pressed “Send” on Baltimore’s Google Fiber application that we, City staff, and multiple volunteers had worked on so hard over the prior month.


Google Czar

February 1, 2011 Baltimore
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On March 11, 2010, Baltimore Mayor Rawlings-Blake officially named me Baltimore’s “Google Czar” to help complete the city’s official response to Google’s Fiber for Communities Request for Information.


Hello world!

February 1, 2011 Uncategorized

Just setting things up here, folks.